• COVID-19 testing: As of January 12, 2022: Symptomatic pregnant individuals eligible for COVID-19 PCR testing
    *Please book via AHS website or Health Link*
  • Unvaccinated pregnant individuals with COVID -19 can access Monoclonal antibody treatment (Sitrovimab):
    Individual patient needs to call AHS-Health Link at 1-844-343-0971 to determine further eligibility and treatment.

  • Support Persons during COVID: ********* NEW MARCH 31/2022************
    • HOSPITAL and CLINIC: TWO HEALTHY support persons may join you at the hospital and at clinic

  • UPDATE – 12/21/2021:
    Any support person who is a close contact of someone with COVID-19, has a case of COVID-19 in their home, or has symptoms of COVID-19 (even if they are fully immunized) cannot access AHS sites as a designated support person or visitor for 14 days from the date of their last exposure

Masks are still REQUIRED at the hospital and RECOMMENDED in Clinic.

COVID-19 Vaccine Information:

Copy of May/2021: Virtual Women’s Health Series on COVID Vaccine by our Calgary Physician Experts:

JUST IN: COVID Live Forum with our Calgary Medical Experts and Dr. Hinshaw about Pregnancy and COVID
Please read this update on COVID and Pregnancy, written by our specialists in Calgary
* Recently updated: AHS Information on COVID in Pregnancy and Postpartum

COVID-19 Information from AHS

ARRIVAL at Hospital Instructions if COVID symptoms / or positive.

Here are the instructions for the patient when they come to the hospital (if they are still under isolation or patient is symptomatic)
**Please note update from 12/21/2021 in regards to support persons and COVID**

  • Park in the parkade in the FOREST (Green) section
  • Call the unit 403-956-1176 and let unit clerk know that they have arrived and are currently on isolation due to COVID.
  • Stand beside car so that the RN can find them.
  • The unit will send down a nurse that is in contact/droplet isolation PPE.
  • The nurse will bring the patient to the screening station on the main floor where they will be required to change out of their non-hospital issued masks. 
  • The nurse will bring the patient up to the unit.