Calgary Maternity & Newborn Physicians

All of our patients will be registered to deliver at South Health Campus. We are excited to offer other services at the clinic, including prenatal educational classes, pharmacy, massage, counselling, pelvic floor physiotherapy, and circumcision. For those patients transitioning from the PCN wellness Centre, this is the same clinic with the same physicians, just a new location.

Our Physicians:

  • Dr. Wiens
  • Dr. Hitchcock
  • Dr. Stokes
  • Dr. Tadros
  • Dr. Tarazona
  • Dr. Hewton-Backfat
  • Dr. Premji
  • Dr. Spengler
  • Dr. Brandon
  • Dr. Logsetty
  • Dr. Cullingham
  • Dr. Chow
  • Dr. Lee
  • Dr. Karlos
  • Dr. Robertson

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