Have Questions regarding Newborn Baby or Postpartum Mom? (up to 2 months):

Please call Early Start Line(403)-244-8351

An Alberta Health Services Nurse will be able to answer your questions or review concerns.

Other Resources Include:

  • Unit 76 at South Health Campus triage can see postpartum Mom’s up to 2 weeks from discharge for urgent needs.
  • 811: for questions or health concerns, * or to book immunizations **
  • Distress Centre Crisis Line, 403-266-4357 * for postpartum mood concerns

** Here is our postpartum discharge phamphlet

  • Best Start
  • Health Parents & Healthy Children
  • Family Resource Centers, call 211 and ask for the center nearest you
  • La Leche League, P: 403-242-0277 (Breastfeeding Supports)
  • Families Matter Postpartum Support, P: 403-205-5178

For further Breastfeeding questions please refer to our resource section.